Mr. Brian Whelan

Fibre optic sensing technology has been successfully deployed on a section of the Hume Highway at Douglas Park, southwest of Sydney which has been affected by ground subsidence due to underground longwall coal mining. This paper describes the use of Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors (FBG) for pavement strain monitoring and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry ( ODTR) for the detection of pavement cracking. This technology was an integral aspect of the risk management strategy for this highway.

BIOGRAPHY: Brian Whelan is a director and co-founder of Monitor Optics Systems. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland and a masters degree in Structural Engineering from University of NSW, Australia.

Founded in 2004, Monitor Optics Systems, designs, installs and supports complete, fully-automated monitoring solutions for a broad range of SHM applications. The company has operations in Europe and Australia where it is the exclusive value-added reseller for Micron Optics Inc.

Monitor Optics systems has developed its own proprietary method of embedding one or more optical fibres into a Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite (GFRC) sensing cable, of up to kilometres in length. This sensing cable design and construction is suitable for a number of different optical sensing techniques, including FBG and SBS. The material properties ensure the survival of the cables when installed in environments such as concrete, asphalt, salt water and composite materials.