Dr. Byoungho Lee

Various kinds of field enhancement and hot spot generation can be implemented by the use of surface plasmon resonance. There have been intensive researches in recent years for using them especially for sensor applications or molecular level detection. In this presentation, I will overview and compare recent approaches by various research groups on plasmonic transmission, reflection, nano-structure, interferometer, and resonator sensor types. And then, I will discuss my group’s work on metallic nano-structures, structured optical fibre tips, nano-antennas, plasmonic arbitrary intensity pattern generations, and metallic nano-particle arranging methods.

BIOGRAPHY: Byoungho Lee received his PhD degree from EECS, University of California at Berkeley in 1993. Since September 1994, he has been a faculty member in the School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, where he became a full professor in 2005. He is a fellow of OSA and a fellow of SPIE. Prof. Lee is 2012-2013 Chair of the Members and Education Services Council of OSA and 2011-2012 Chair of the Holography and Diffractive Optics Technical Group of OSA. He served as a Director-at-Large of OSA during 2006-2008. He received several awards including Presidential Young Scientist Awards of Korea (2002), The Academic Award of the Optical Society of Korea (2006) and Scientist of the Month Award of Korea (Sep. 2009). Since 2007, his laboratory has been designated and supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea as a National Creative Research Center. His research fields are plasmonics, nano-photonic modeling and display optics. His laboratory has published more than 280 international journal papers and presented more than 470 international conference papers including about 90 invited presentations.