Prof. Andrea Cusano

The “Lab on Fibre” concept envisions novel and highly functionalized technological platforms completely integrated in a single optical fiber that would allow the development of advanced devices, components and sub-systems to be incorporated in modern optical systems for communication and sensing applications. The realization of integrated optical fibre devices requires that several structures and materials at nano and micro scale are constructed, embedded and connected all together to provide the necessary physical connections and light-matter interactions.

This paper reviews the strategies, the main achievements and related devices in the “Lab on Fibre” roadmap discussing perspectives and challenges that lie ahead.

BIOGRAPHY: Andrea Cusano is currently Professor at the Engineering Department of University of Sannio. He has published over 100 journal articles and 150 refereed conference communications. He has co-authored more than 10 chapters published in international books and invited papers in international journals and is co-editor of 2 Special Issues: Special Issue on Optical Fiber Sensors (IEEE Sensors) 2008 Special Issue on “Fiber Optic Chemical and Biochemical Sensors: Perspectives and Challenges approaching the Nano-Era” (Current Analytical Chemistry, Bentham ) 2008 and 3 scientific books "Optochemical nanosensors" Taylor and Francis to be published in 2011 "Fiber Bragg gratings sensors: from research to market" Bentham (2010), "Selected topics on Photonic crystals and Metamaterials" World Scientific 2010. He currently has 4 international patents with major industrial companies (Ansaldo STS, Alenia WASS, Optosmart and MdTEch) and more than 10 national patents.He is a member of the technical committee of several international conferences such as IEEE Sensors, ICST, EWSHM, EWOFS. Prof. Cusano is cofounder of two spin-off companies “OptoSmart S.r.l.” (2005) and “MDTech” (2007) and has been consultant for major companies of the Finmeccanica group such as Ansaldo STS and Alenia WASS. He has also collaborations with CERN in Geneva where he is working on the development of innovative sensors for high energy physics applications.