Prof. Peter G.R. Smith

Planar Bragg grating sensors have developed over the last decade and offer a powerful set of features and capabilities for a wide range of sensor applications. This talk will provide an overview of planar Bragg grating devices and will cover basic operation, fabrication and measurement principles. Advantages of such devices include operation at 1550nm using telecomm technology, the ability to provide accurate self-referencing for temperature compensation, and chemical robustness allowing use of aggressive reagents for surface chemistry. Specific applications will be highlighted including chemical and biologically based detection, and physical measurement (pressure, temperature and fluid flow). Recent results will be highlighted including work on incorporating planar Bragg sensors within cantilevers and novel work utilising physical micromachining and plasmonic-dielectric hybrid mode sensors.

BIOGRAPHY: Peter G.R. Smith is a Professor in the Optoelectronics Research Centre and in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. He graduated from Oxford University with a BA in Physics in 1990 and D.Phil in Nonlinear Optics in 1993. After a year spent as a management consultant he joined the University of Southampton. Peter has worked on a number of areas in optics research ranging from laser spectroscopy to polymer integrated-optics. He has published over 180 journal and conference papers in the fields of periodically poled materials and UV written devices at major conferences, including invited talks at national and international meetings. He is co-founder of Stratophase Ltd a company developing spin-out technology from Southampton in the area of UV written waveguides devices, and of Covesion Ltd a company specialising in nonlinear optical materials.