About the Conference

The Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS) Conference series were launched in 2008 and alternates approximately every 18 months with major global sensing conferences such as OFS. It recognises the explosion in optical sensing work, from within optical fibres, to bulk optics through to nanophotonics especially in biodiagnostics and biophotonics, in the Asia Pacific region. Before APOS, there was no clear regional forum for the exposition of these developments and where researchers and industry colleagues in the region and across the globe could get together in collegiate fashion to discuss and delight in the many advances occurring everywhere and to develop mutual collaborations and network opportunities to support the field both in research, application, commercialisation and perhaps most importantly training the next generation of young researchers and leaders.

The first event was held in Chengdu, China in 2008, then in Guangzhou, China in 2010 and the next is the first outside of China in Sydney Australia 2012.

Industry partners are invited to take advantage of the technical exhibition and there are plenty of opportunities to sponsor the event.