Invited Speakers

Prof. Warwick Bowen University of Queensland, Australia [bio]

"Optical whispering gallery mode resonators for unlabelled nanoparticle sensing"

Prof. Andrea Cusano
 University of Sannio, Italy [bio]

"Lab on fiber technology: perspectives and challenges"

Prof. Banshi D. Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India [bio]

"Surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensors"

Prof. Desheng Jiang Wuhan University of Technology, China [bio]

"R&D on OFS at the National Engineering Laboratory for Optical Fibre Sensing Technologies in China: Fundamental and Industrial Aspects"

Prof. Wei Jin
 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China [bio]

"Microstructured optical fiber sensors for strain, pressure and temperature measurement"

Prof. Byoungho Lee Seoul National University, Korea [bio]

"Plasmonic field enhancement and hot spot generation for sensor applications"

Dr. Pawel Niewczas Strathclyde University, UK [bio]

"Let’s put FBGs to work: sensing in exotic power and energy applications"

Dr. Kara J. Peters North Carolina State University, USA [bio]

"Full-spectrum FBG analysis of inhomogeneous, fast-varying strain effects"

Prof. Yunjiang Rao University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, China [bio]

"Applications of advanced aptical fiber sensors at UESTC"

Dr. Oliver Reich Potsdam University, Germany [bio]

"Photon density wave spectroscopy: fiber-optical sensing of highly turbid materials"

Prof. Peter G.R. Smith University of Southampton, UK [bio]

"Integrated planar Bragg grating sensors"

Prof. Nobuo Takeda
The University of Tokyo, Japan [bio]

"Smart aircraft composite structures with embedded small-diameter optical fibre sensors" 

Mr. Brian Whelan
Monitor Optics Pty Ltd, Australia [bio]

"Application of Fibre Optic Sensing Technology for the Risk Management of Highway Pavements Affected by Mining Subsidence"

Dr. Michael Willsch
 Siemens, Germany [bio]

"Fiber optical sensors in power generation"