Dr. Alexis Mendez
MCH Engineering, USA 

"Fiber Optic Biomedical Sensors: Principles, Trends & Applications"

ABSTRACT: Given their EM immunity, intrinsic safety, small size & weight, autoclave compatibility and capability to perform multi-point and multi-parameter sensing remotely, optical fibers and fiberoptic-based sensors are seeing increased acceptance and new uses for a variety of bio-medical applications—from laser delivery systems, to disposable blood gas sensors, to intra-aortic probes.  This article will illustrate—through several application and product examples—some of the benefits and uses of bio-medical fiber sensors, and what makes them such an attractive, flexible, reliable and unique sensing solution.  Key technical and industry trends will be identified along with relevant commercial opportunities and challenges.

BIOGRAPHY: Alexis Mendez received a PhD. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown University, in 1992.  He is President of MCH Engineering LLC, a consulting firm specializing in optical fiber sensing technology, and has over 20 years of experience in optical fiber technology, sensors and instrumentation.  Dr. Mendez was the former Group Leader of the Fiber Optic Sensors Lab within ABB Corporate Research (USA) where he led R&D activities for the development of fiber sensors for use in industrial plant, oil & gas, and high voltage electric power applications.  He has written 60 technical publications, taught several short courses on fiber sensors, holds 5 US patents and is recipient of an R&D100 award. 

Dr. Mendez is a Fellow of SPIE and was past Chairman of the 2006 International Optical Fiber Sensors Conference (OFS-18), past Technical Chair of the 2nd Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and their Applications (WSOF21010), and is co-editor of the “Specialty Optical Fibers Handbook”