Visas for visitors entering Australia

All visitors to Australia must have a valid visa/ETA before boarding their plane regardless of the length of stay.

Note: New Zealand and Norfolk Island passport holders do not usually need to lodge a visa application prior to their departure unless they have health and/or character concerns.

The International Event Coordinators Network,, at the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citzenship can advise you on the following:

  • How to apply for a visa
  • What visa to apply for
  • When to apply for a visa
  • Where to apply for a visa

Please note that as visa processing times may vary, you are encouraged to apply for the appropriate visa 6-8 weeks before your departure to Australia.

It is recommended you organise your accommodation well before this period.

Importantly, the supply of invitation letters is not required and will not be provided for unregistered and unpaid delegates. Upon payment of registration fees, each delegate receives a confirmation letter of acceptance of registration and receipt of payment.


 The 1912 Australian Coat of Arms.

Symbols of Australia’s six states (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia) appear together on the shield, which is the central feature of the coat of arms. The border of the shield symbolises federation.

The kangaroo and emu are the native animals that hold the shield with pride. Some say the kangaroo and emu were chosen to symbolise a nation moving forward. This is based on the common belief that neither animal can move backwards easily.

A gold Commonwealth Star sits above the shield. Six of the star’s points represent the Australian states. The seventh point represents the territories (Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory). A wreath of gold and blue sits under the Commonwealth Star. Gold and blue are the Commonwealth Coat of Arms’ livery or identifying colours.

Australia’s floral emblem, the golden wattle, frames the shield and supporters. A scroll contains the word ‘Australia’.The Australian coat of arms. NSW has the red wattle as the State emblem.